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A guide to all aspects of the Byelaw Review.

Press Release
New Netting Permit Byelaw Introduced by D&S IFCA (Feb 2018)
Successful prosections against illegal fishers in the D&S IFCA area (Oct 2017)
Government awards IFCA grant for Torbay MCZ otter trawling study (Oct 2017)
Research put to the test - Finding the best way forward to monitor scallop populations (Aug 2017)
D&S IFCA taking the lead to manage the "Live Wrasse Fishery" (July 2017)
S-3 EUROHAB Interreg Project Harmful Algal Blooms to be monitored from space (Dec 17)
What's your view on current Diving Permit regulations? (Nov 17)
Significant fines for illegal crab and lobster (Nov 17)
Chief Officer Secondment to Defra (March 27th 2018)

News Items
Bass reminder (Oct 2017) - Bag limits
Smile, you're on camera (Oct 2017)
Keeping angling tourism sustainable (Fishtrail) (Oct 2017)
New monitoring systems for vessels under 12 metres (Oct 2017)
New lobster conservation regulations (Oct 2017)
Commercial scallop fisheries re-opened (Oct 2017)
Seagrass survey success (Oct 2017)
Latest news on the Live Wrasse Fishery (Dec 2017)
Latest on the Live Wrasse Fishery (Jan 2018)
Netting Permit Byelaw News (May 2018)
D&S IFCA Circulate new Potting Permit Conditions - 13th August 2018

Voluntary Codes of Conduct
Burnham, Berrow & Brean Angling Zone
Emsstrom Wreck Angling Zone
Skerries Bank Angling Zone

The Ecology and Distribution of Seabass in the Southwest UK

Information Flyers
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