Distribution of Slipper Limpet

Distribution of Slipper Limpet (Crepidula fornicata) around the South Devon Coast

A survey of the distribution of Crepidula fornicata along the coast and estuaries of South Devon was completed in April 2008. The distribution of slipper limpets was surveyed and mapped using GIS. Survey forms were distributed to fishermen and observations were recorded from discussions with fishermen, shellfishermen and interested parties and the information was collated. The estuaries of South Devon were visited and prescence of Crepidula was recorded. . Areas of higher abundance of Crepidula were identified and some possible reasons for these increased populations have been highlighted within the report. Shellfishermen have been informed of the need to prevent further spread of Crepidula caused by the movement of infested shellfish or seed from one area to another.

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