North Devon Lobster

North Devon Lobster Tagging Programme

A programme of tagging lobsters caught off the North Devon and Lundy Island coasts was started in June 2008 by officers of Devon Sea Fisheries Committee. Up to 1000 juvenile and berried lobsters will be tagged, which will provide information on the growth rates and movement of lobsters in the area and will add to the North Devon lobster stock survey which is being undertaken concurrently. The work is being part funded by Natural England. Each yellow tag is inserted in the muscle tissue between the carapace and tail and carries a unique DSFC number. Fishermen working in the areas are being asked to record information such as position (lat/long) of each tagged lobster caught as well as the tag number and also measure the carapace length before returning the lobster to sea. All recapture recording forms returned to Devon Sea Fisheries Committee will be entered into a draw every six months of £100.
  • Download Lobster Tagging Programme 2008 Poster
  • Download Tagged Lobster Recapture Recording form
  • Download Tagged Lobster Recapture Recording form
  • Download Lundy Island Potting Effort Survey Final report 2008
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