IFCA Committees

IFCAs are a committee or a joint committee of the local
authorities that fall within an inshore fisheries and
conservation district. IFCA committees are made up
of the following:

  • Representatives from the relevant local authorities.
  • An officer from each of the MMO, Environment Agency and Natural England.
  • Local people with experience and expertise in the inshore marine area, such as commercial and recreational fishermen, and marine environmental experts.
  • Click here to view the list of people that form the IFCA committee
Annual Plans

Each IFCA has a statutory obligation to publish an Annual Plan that sets out their objectives and priorities for the following year.

Annual Plan 2017-2018
Annual Plan 2016-2017
Annual Plan 2015-2016
Annual Plan 2014-2015
Annual Plan 2013-2014
Annual Plan 2012-2013
Annual Report for 2011-2012

Enforcement Plans

D&SIFCA Enforcement Plan 2015-2016

D&S IFCA Minutes and Reports
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D&S IFCA Quarterly Authority Minutes

IFCA Minutes 16th March 2017
IFCA Minutes 9th December 2016
IFCA Minutes 15th September 2016
IFCA Minutes 16th June 2016

The dates for the next Devon and Severn IFCA meetings will be :

Thursday 14th September 2017 at Ferne Animal Sanctuary, Chard.  It will be starting at 2.00pm

D&S IFCA Finance & General Purpose Sub Committee Minutes

F&GP Minutes 16th March 2017  
F&GP Minutes 9th December 2016
F&GP Minutes 16th June 2016
F&GP Minutes 15th September 2016
F&GP Minutes 8th November 2016

Byelaw & Permitting Sub Committee Minutes

Sub Committee Mins December 2015
Sub Committee Mins March 2016
Sub Committee Mins November 2015

Future Byelaw & Permitting Sub Committee Meetings

Proposed dates of next meetings:
Thursday 14th September 2017
Wednesday 1st November 2017

D&S IFCA Publication Scheme

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