Our Members

The following is a list of all current Authority members. Some members have also been appointed as members of the Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee (B&PSC). To find out more about the work of the B&PSC please click here. It is envisaged that this website page will be updated and expanded in due course.

The Chair & Vice Chair/s

The Chair: Professor Mike Williams

Mike is also Chair of the Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee and the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee.


Vice Chair: Councillor Pam Buchan (Plymouth City Council)

Pam is also Chair of D&S IFCA’s Governance Working Group (GWG)


Vice Chair: Councillor Ian Hall (Devon County Council)


Local Authority Representatives

Councillor Rufus Gilbert (Devon County Council)


Councillor Jonathan Hawkins (Devon County Council)

Jonathan is also a member of the B&PSC


Councillor Linda Hellyer (Devon County Council)

Linda is also a member of the B&PSC


Councillor Stuart Hughes (Devon County Council)  


Councillor Nicole Amil (Torbay Council)


Councillor Terry Napper (Somerset County Council)


Councillor Bridget Petty (North Somerset Council)


Councillor Robert Griffin (South Gloucestershire Council)


Councillor Will Windsor-Clive (Gloucestershire County Council)


General Members (appointed by the Marine Management Organisation)

Rachel Irish (MMO) & B&PSC member


01803 853383

D&S IFCA can put you in touch with the following members by contacting the office.

Jon Dornom (Commercial Fisheries) & B&PSC member
Stephen Gledhill (Environment & Communication) & B&PSC member
James Marsden (Environment) & B&PSC member
David Morgan (Commercial Fisheries) & B&PSC member
David Murphy (Commercial Fisheries)
Dave Saunders (Charter Angling) & B&PSC member
Jim Portus (MBE) – (Fisheries) & B&PSC member
Felicity Sylvester (Fisheries/Education)
Andrew Wray (Recreational Fisheries) & B&PSC member
Jim Masters (Environment) & B&PSC member
Natasha Bradshaw (Environment)

Statutory Members

Sangeeta McNair (Natural England) & B&PSC member


02080 268231/07917 084041

Simon Toms (Environment Agency) & B&PSC member


01208 265052

Do you want to become a member?

The MMO is looking to recruit several members to regional IFCAs across the UK. This includes D&S IFCA. Click here for more information.

Page updated: 11th December 2020.