Find Our Office & COVID-19

Please use the google map (right) to locate our office or call us and we will help you to find it.   

Devon and Severn IFCA

Brixham Laboratory,

Freshwater Quarry,




Tel: 01803 854648

Office email :

Reporting Suspicious Fishing Activity (Out Of Hours) Tel: 07740175479

COVID-19 Arrangements

In line with the Government’s advice about COVID-19, members of the public are not advised to visit the Brixham Laboratory site and D&S IFCA offices. D&S IFCA is still operating, but there are currently no D&S IFCA staff working on a regular basis within the Office.

If you wish to talk to a member of D&S IFCA’s staff, you have different options. The office number 01803 854648 provides an automated message and further details of who to call on specific mobile telephone numbers. The Permit Officer/Finance and Administration Officer can listen to messages on-line and respond if possible.

Page updated: 4th February 2021