Changes to Category One Mobile Fishing Permit Conditions

Following a review of the Mobile Fishing (at Sea) Category One Permit Conditions, changes have been made to all D&S IFCA Mobile Fishing Category One Permits.  On 24th February 2022 the D&S IFCA’s Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee discussed the recent consultation on the proposed change and agreed to the change.

D&S IFCA is now in the process of issuing amended Category One Mobile Fishing Permits. If you are a current permit holder you will receive your amended permit shortly. The amended conditions are valid from 1st March 2022. The Annexes (charts) that accompany the Permit Conditions have not changed. The amended conditions can be viewed in full here.

Permit Changes

The changes to the Category One Mobile Fishing Permit Conditions only relate to the interpretations as set out in the Permit and are in connection with Remotely Accessed Electronic Reporting Devices (iVMS).

1. Within the “Interpretations” section of the Permit Conditions, definition of the “remotely accessed electronic reporting device” has been updated to:

“means a device that transmits the required information which must be received by the UK VMS hub”.

2. Within “Interpretations” section of the Permit Conditions, definition of the “required information” has been updated to:

“required information” means

a) a report flag to indicate that the report is the result of the Authority’s permit condition requirements and is not made under EU regulations;

b) the most recent geographical position of the fishing vessel to 5 decimal places (in WGS84);

c) date and time (in UTC) of the fixing of the most recent position;

d) the instant speed and course of the vessel (equivalent to 0.1 knots and course expressed in degrees (true not magnetic) to 0.1 degree) at the time of the report;

e) the unique serial number of transmitting device;

f) a status code;

g) an indicator of the strength of the positional report accuracy.


If you wish to discuss this change to the Category One Permit Conditions or have other permit related questions that you would wish to raise with D&S IFCA, please contact us, preferably by email, or by phone 01803 854648. 

A guide to the work of D&S IFCA’s Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee can be viewed here.