Commercial Fishing – Safety at Sea

The Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG) is a stakeholder group of UK organisations trying to improve the safety of commercial fishing.

FISG is now running a pre-campaign survey with fishermen in advance of their new Home and Dry campaign.

Although this is not the core work of D&S IFCA, we are able to share this information and provide a link to the short poll.

The FISG Poll

It is expected that the 3-minute poll will help FISG develop and deliver the right safety messages to fishing vessel owners, crew, and their families. The information is used for communication campaigns only. FISG thank you in advance for your help.

The poll is completely voluntary, and all responses are anonymous. D&S IFCA is not involved in managing the responses submitted to the poll and cannot answer any questions relating to the work of FISG.

Please click here to take part.

Following the work of D&S IFCA

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