Commercial Scallop Fishing Closed Season

The closed season for commercial scallop fishing in the Devon & Severn IFCA District started on 1st July 2021 and ends on 30th September 2021.

The removal of King Scallops (Pecten Maximus) from a fishery within D&S IFCA’s District is prohibited by Permit Holders using mobile fishing gear at sea and by fishers holding a Category 1 (commercial) Diving Permit, during the months of July, August, and September.

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Holders of a Category 2 (recreational) Diving Permit are allowed to take up to a maximum of 25 scallops, per diver per day, at any time of the year for personal consumption only. The Minimum Conservation Reference Size (MCRS) of 100mm applies to all King Scallops removed from a fishery. Any King Scallops below this size must be returned immediately to the sea without further injury.

Enforcement Action

D&S IFCA’s enforcement work is intelligence led. If you see any suspicious fishing activity, please report it to us on the duty telephone number: 07740 175479.

Any person found breaching the legislation outlined above may be subject to enforcement action that can include receiving a Financial Administrative Penalty (FAP) or potential prosecution leading to court proceedings.

Please ensure you follow all the regulations detailed here and if you have any questions, please contact us on 01803 854648 or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page on the website to get details on how to contact and talk to one of our Enforcement Officers.

Other Information

Additional information relating to Enforcement and Legislation can be found by visiting our Enforcement & Legislation website pages.