Continuation of Fisheries Research & Management Plans

In May 2021, Devon & Severn IFCA completed work on a series of fisheries research and management plans (FRMPs) for commercial fishing species in the Bristol Channel. These plans were made up of information from complete reviews of available scientific literature and interviews with recreational and commercial fishers from the area to produce a series of recommendations for future research and management of the fisheries.

The scientific reviews included detailed information on species ecology, fisheries, stock status, management, and threats to the target species. This work was conducted in collaboration with the North Devon Biosphere and was originally designed as part of the Marine Pioneer project. 

In order to manage inshore fisheries more effectively and sustainably, more information about the ecology and stock structure of local fish populations is needed to inform management. Following the introduction of the Fisheries Act, FRMPs have generated interest from Defra and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) and may be used to feed further into the management of fisheries and highlight areas for research to focus on in the future. Due to this interest, Devon & Severn IFCA have been able to expand on this previous FRMP work and are currently in the process of writing new additional plans. 

The original plans focused on herring, bass, skates and rays, whelk, and squid in the north of the D&S IFCA District. The new FRMPs will include plans for these species on the south coast of the D&S IFCA District, as well as new plans for additional species.

Fisher engagement will be key to the future success of these plans, so fishers are highly encouraged to engage with the D&S IFCA when contacted in the future to help ensure the effectiveness of the plans in improving inshore fisheries in the long-term. The completed FRMPs are available for viewing and download here.

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