D&S IFCA attend virtual ‘Angling in the Sound’ meeting

D&S IFCA were invited to participate in a small focus group which intends to work with anglers local to Plymouth Sound to support the safe disposal and removal of angling waste and sustainable angling practices in the area.

Preventing Plastic Pollution (PPP) is a €14million funded EU INTERREG VA France (Channel) England Programme project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (€9.9million) which will work across seven pilot sites: Brest Harbour, Bay of Douarnenez, Bay of Veys, Poole Harbour, and the Medway, Tamar, and Great Ouse estuaries. The project seeks to understand and reduce the impacts of plastic pollution in the marine environment. By looking at the catchment from source to sea, the project will identify and target hotspots for plastic, embed behaviour change in local communities and businesses, and implement effective solutions and alternatives.  More information on the project can be found here; https://preventingplasticpollution.com/

As part of the project, Plymouth City Council (PCC) have co-ordinated a small focus group aimed at targeting angling waste and understanding how to better support sustainable angling within Plymouth Sound. The initial meeting held on 6th October 2021 was to discuss how to move forward with this, specifically regarding placement of angling waste bins, removal of angling waste from the seabed, production of information panels and how to better support sustainable angling in the area. The meeting was attended by various representatives including PCC, RNLI, Plymouth Federation of Sea Anglers, Odyssey Innovation and University of Plymouth.

The locations of seabed surveys for angling waste and angling waste bin placement were discussed and agreed, with PCC, Plymouth Federation of Sea Anglers and Odyssey Innovation to work together to finalise the bin locations. In order to work towards more sustainable angling, it was agreed that information panels and angling engagement were the best way forward. The key priorities for this include:

  • Aligning with existing campaigns
  • Working with tackle shops and retailers to promote responsible angling
  • Focussed messaging in terms of water safety, and best practice approaches. D&S IFCA expressed that fishing regulations and compliance should also be included.
  • Area-specific knowledge to feed into interpretation and advice from experienced anglers.

D&S IFCA is committed to the development of the Recreational Sea Angling (RSA). Involvement in this focus group will help share information on fishing regulations and compliance, and work with anglers in order to reduce conflict between recreational and commercial users to help develop RSA opportunities within Plymouth Sound. Any information gathered will feed into a review of the Authority’s RSA strategy.

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