D&S IFCA’s Annual Plan for 2021 - 2022

On 18th March 2021, members of the Authority agreed to adopt the Annual Plan for 2021-22. This is the 11th Annual Plan for the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority.

The Annual Plan sets out what the Authority will do in order to continue to deliver high standards in the development of fisheries and conservation management and identifies the range of activities it will undertake to fulfil its primary duties under Ss.153 and 154 Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 (MaCAA). 

The Annual Plan sets out “Key Tasks” that must be delivered within 12 months and also identifies much of the essential work that is carried out as “Business as Usual” under the nationally agreed Success Criteria. 

Click here to view the Annual Plan 2021-22.

Critical to the success of this Annual Plan will be the release of funding from D&S IFCA’s Reserves.  Notwithstanding the ability to deliver some of the workstreams identified in this Annual Plan through the use of Reserves, the continued pressure on the Revenue Budget means that resourcing of D&S IFCA has reached a critical level.  Any additional workload, as has been reported in the previous Annual Reports, or financial pressure will, more likely than not, lead to D&S IFCA not being able to fulfil all its Statutory duties. 

The Annual Plan is a mixture of narrative and the use of tables. The use of tables within the Annual Plan is hopefully an easier way for readers to identify the different tasks that D&S IFCA will attempt to complete.

Later this year D&S IFCA will also publish a final Annual Report about the work completed during 2020/2021 to meet the objectives set out in the previous Annual Plan for 2020-21. The final Annual Report for 2020-21 will be sent to DEFRA later this year.

Following our work

D&S IFCA posts regular news items on the D&S IFCA Website and Facebook. These news items help you to follow our work which is often linked to elements of our Annual Plan. We also have a website RESOURCE LIBRARY where you can examine our present and past working in greater detail as well as multiple display pages.

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