Size of Vessels Byelaw – Have Your Say

D&S IFCA is inviting you to have your say on the development of a Size of Vessels Byelaw that will replace the existing Size of Vessels Byelaw that was introduced by Devon Sea Fisheries in 1996. Your input may assist D&S IFCA’s Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee in their decision making and influence the content of the Byelaw. The Size of Vessels Byelaw will apply to all commercial fishing vessels that are registered (Port letters and Numbers) and have a valid fishing licence.

Although the topic is of particular significance to owners, masters and crew of commercial fishing vessels, all stakeholders can respond even if they would not be directly impacted by the potential introduction of the re-made Size of Vessels Byelaw. Your view is important, and we encourage you to examine the background information and complete the short questionnaire.

The Questions and Background Information:

D&S IFCA is contacting everyone on its mailing list and has produced some background information and a short questionnaire. 

If you haven’t received the information via email, the background information, topics, and questions can be read/downloaded by clicking here.

Information is also posted on D&S IFCA’s website/consultation page.

The questionnaire is based around three main topics:

  • To consider what will be the maximum size for commercial fishing vessels operating within the District (an overall length in metres).
  • To consider if any existing rights (Grandfather Rights) for commercial fishing vessels above a determined size should continue to apply.
  • If Grandfather Rights continue to apply, for how long should they apply (Sunset Clause).

This information gathering exercise ends on Friday 24th September 2021.

Your view is important and D&S IFCA encourage you to notify others that may have an interest. All stakeholders can respond even if they don’t conduct fishing activity relevant to the scallop closed season. We will collate the information you provide, and this may help our Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee in their decision making. Work will continue during 2021 and 2022 re-drafting the Size of Vessels Byelaw. There will be further consultation in 2022 when the Byelaw is re-made.

How you can have your say:

Contact us via email:

Write to us:

Devon and Severn IFCA

Brixham Laboratory,

Freshwater Quarry,

Brixham, TQ5 8BA

Tel: 01803 854648

Do you want to be better informed?

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What do we do with your information – Privacy Policy

We protect any personal data that you may provide. Personal data submitted in this information collecting process will be securely stored and may be shared with other organisations including Defra and the Marine Management Organisation. The content of responses will be summarised and anonymised where appropriate for documenting in reports that will be presented to the Byelaw & Permitting Sub-Committee and published on our website. D&S IFCA has a privacy policy which can be found by visiting our website (home page). You can change your preferences at any time. We have a duty to consult with D&S IFCA Permit Holders. You can manage your preferences by contacting D&S IFCA.