A Call for Information - Crab Tiles

D&S IFCA are inviting you to have your say on how, in your view, the use of crab tiles could or should be managed in the D&S IFCA District.

The information that is provided can be added to D&S IFCA’s baseline information.

D&S IFCA are circulating an electronic information flyer that provides more information on the subject.

It also details how you can have your say, which includes an on-line survey form.

What are crab tiles?

Crab Tiles are artificial shelters such as roof tiles, guttering, drainpipes, chimney pots and tyres.

You may have seen these placed within estuaries within the D&S IFCA District.

What do D&S IFCA want to know?

  • Do you work crab tiles?
  • Do you know other people who work them?
  • Where do you or others that work them operate?
  • How many crab tiles do you work or see being worked by others?
  • Do you think there is an issue with their use?
  • Is further management required and would this impact you or others?

Why are D&S IFCA doing this?

D&S IFCA must manage the exploitation of sea fisheries resources within its District.

As part of this work, we must review our Byelaws.

This review is conducted by the D&S IFCA Byelaw & Permitting Sub-Committee.

This information gathering exercise on crab tiles is part one of a three phase approach that will be conducted during 2019.

It forms part of a larger plan for D&S IFCA to review the management of Hand Working Fishing Activities.


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