Agenda Published for December Authority Meeting

The agenda for the D&S IFCA Authority meeting has been finalised. The meeting will be held on Friday 14th December at Devon County Hall and will start at 2 pm.

The remaining papers for this meeting will be published five working days in advance of the meeting.

Where can I view information relating to D&S IFCA meetings?

The D&S IFCA website provides two ways to view papers and reports that have been prepared for use at different meetings. Different meetings include:

  • Full Authority Meetings
  • Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee Meetings
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee Meetings


There is a MEETINGS tab at the top of the home page that takes you to our meetings page. Here you will find separate folders for the different meetings. This display area of the website is used for the most recent meetings.

Another way to view papers and reports from past meetings is to explore Section B of our Resource Library. Here you will find a more comprehensive collection of officer papers and reports used at the different meetings.


How can I explore the work conducted by D&S IFCA?

The website is a good way to read some of our latest news. You could also explore our Resource Library which provides you with a lot of information that you can view completely free of charge.

The Resource Library is divided into 8 sections with some key information displayed such as:

  • Section A:       Annual Plans and Quarterly Reports
  • Section B:       Past Meetings and Minutes
  • Section E:       Legislation such as our Permit Byelaws and Permit Conditions
  • Section F:        Byelaw Development Reports and Impact assessments
  • Section G:       Archived News Stories and E -Newsletters
  • Section H:       Environment & Research Information

You can also subscribe to our free E-newsletter by contacting D&S IFCA.