Cockle Stock Assessment Surveys

During the spring tides of the last couple of months Devon & Severn IFCA officers have been undertaking stock assessments on the cockle beds on the Exe and Teign estuaries.

The purpose of the surveys is to estimate the density and biomass of cockles on each bed. The data collected is still being analysed and reports will be produced over the winter. This information will help inform the future management of the cockle beds within this part of the Devon & Severn IFCA district.

What Stock Assessments have been done before?

D&S IFCA conducts cockle stock assessments on the Exe on an annual basis, each survey and resulting report adds to our evidence base (the 2010-2017 report can be found here).

This year was the first cockle survey on the Teign, and the data collected will form a baseline which future surveys can be compared against.

Our resource library (found on the website home page) provides access to a lot of information that you can read. File H of the resource library is totally focussed on Environment & Research work.

Why are D&S IFCA doing the Stock Assessments?

Devon & Severn IFCA’s Annual Plan identifies a review of management of hand working fishing activities as a core work-stream for 2018/19, leading into 2019/20.

The data from these surveys will be used, in conjunction with other inter-tidal stock assessments and hand-gathering activity studies, to inform the IFCA’s future management of identified hand working fishing methods.

One option for management may be the development of a “Hand Working Permit Byelaw”.

Keeping you informed

Please keep an eye on our website for updates on consultations, information about potential changes to current byelaws and the potential development of new byelaws.

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