D&S IFCA Increases the Legal Size for Whelk

D&S IFCA circulated new Potting Permit Conditions on 13th August 2018. These amended conditions specify that the Minimum Conservation Size (MCRS) for whelk will increase to 55mm (length of shell) on 1st November 2018. There will be a further increase to 65mm in November 2020.

Along with issuing new Potting Permit Conditions, D&S IFCA also issued a guidance note to the industry to provide some background information about this change. The guidance note also helps to explain what riddle size fishers can choose to use to help sort there catch whist at sea.

How and why has there been an increase in size?

D&S IFCA conducted extensive research in 2015 and 2016 to determine the size of sexual maturity of the whelk. The findings from this research formed part of the evidence base that was used during the recent review of Potting Permit Conditions.

The review of the Potting Permit Conditions has resulted in several other changes. The findings from the consultations that were conducted and the whole decision-making process leading to all the changes has been documented in a report that is posted on the D&S IFCA website.

Keeping you informed

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