D&S IFCA Joint Patrol with the MMO

D&S IFCA have recently launched their new 7.8-meter Fisheries Patrol Vessel (FPV) DAVID ROWE.  This new larger vessel offers increased sea keeping capabilities than the previous vessel enabling officers to stay at sea for longer, in rougher weather and travel further.

Recently D&S IFCA have been supporting the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) with their EU Exit preparations by conducting joint patrols that have extended outside the D&S IFCA boundaries out to the 12 Nautical Mile limit.  The most recent patrol included the boarding and inspection of a foreign fishing vessel which resulted in an offence being detected.

The purpose of these patrols is to explore and test our platform, abilities, and run various scenarios that may be experienced by any potential legislative changes or changes to access rights to EU member states post EU Exit, along with displaying an increased presence to reassure UK vessels of our ability to continue ensure compliance of all management measures.  

These patrols are likely to continue for the coming months as parliament finalise the process. 

Reporting Suspicious Activity

D&S IFCA uses the intelligence that it receives to target its enforcement work.

If you see any suspicious fishing within the D&S IFCA District then please report it directly to us, anonymously on 07740 175479.

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