D&S IFCA Monitors Scallop Dredging in Salcombe

Enforcement Officers from Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) have recently conducted patrols in the Salcombe Estuary.

The main aim of the patrol was to ensure compliance with the D&S IFCA Mobile Fishing Permit Byelaw.

Salcombe is an estuary where controlled and regulated small scale scallop dredging, by commercial fishing vessels, is permitted for 3 months over the winter.

The areas where this activity can take place is relatively small and avoids areas of the estuary where there is seagrass. 

All the individual restrictions can be found in the Mobile Fishing Permit Conditions (Estuary/Category Two) which also has separate Annexes (charts) to help manage and regulate the fishing activity.

The permit conditions for scallop dredging within Salcombe are flexible and can be changed when there is evidence to suggest why there should be a change.

The conditions include that the vessel must not exceed seven meters in overall length, the maximum dredge width shall be one metre, the maximum number of dredges to be used at any one time shall be two, dredges shall be hauled by hand only and this activity shall only take place between 09.00 hours and 16.00 hours on weekdays and not during public holidays.

Dredging in the Salcombe Estuary is permitted between the 15th December and 15th March each year.

The submission of catch returns is also a requirement of the permit.

We are pleased to report that on the day of this patrol all the fishers were abiding by the permit conditions.

They were fishing in the permitted areas and were all hand hauling the dredges. 

How can you get a Mobile Fishing Permit?

You can get an application form for a permit by contacting D&S IFCA. 

Permits can also be purchased on the D&S IFCA website

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