Have Your say - A Change to the Potting Permit Conditions

From 8th March 2019, D&S IFCA will be seeking the views of all stakeholders on a potential change to the Potting Permit Conditions. All D&S IFCA contacts that have provided an email address will be sent an email circular that sets out the proposal.

Other permit holders will be notified by post. Your answer (if you choose to engage) must be submitted by 12th April 2019. One option is to email your response to consultation@devonandsevernifa.gov.uk

What is the proposal?

To remove the current Gear Restriction (2.5.3) which states:

A permit holder or named representative is not authorised under this Permit to use any finfish as bait within the District unless it meets sizes set out in Annex XII, Article 17 of Council Regulation (EC) 850/89.

Why remove this permit condition?

The proposal is due to the Landing Obligation 2019 – Rules and Regulations.

These rules are related to the discarding of certain species of fish. All quota species must be landed and counted against quota unless exemptions apply. Therefore, some species of fish below the Minimum Conservation Reference Size (MCRS) must be landed, although they can’t be sold for direct human consumption.

  • Bass is not subject to the Landing Obligation.
  • Prohibited species should be released unharmed if possible.

To reflect the fact that some fish below the MCRS must be landed and can then be sold as bait, the present Potting Permit Conditions would not harmonise with the Landing Obligation. The D&S IFCA Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee, who are tasked with reviewing permit conditions, have taken the view that the resource should be available for those fishers that conduct potting, so it can be purchased and used as bait.

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