Meeting hosted by CEFAS in regard to work being carried out on the Live Wrasse Fishery.

CEFAS Weymouth hosted a meeting for the three IFCAs (Devon & Severn (D&S IFCA), Cornwall (CIFCA) and Southern (SIFCA)), a representative from Loch Duart, a PhD student from Exeter, a local fisher and individuals from CEFAS. The meeting provided an opportunity for everyone to come together and present on the work they are currently conducting and the current management on the Live Wrasse Fishery and looking ahead to 2019 and beyond.

D&S IFCA presented the findings from their recent additional data analyses, and discussed what work is planned for 2019. The meeting was interesting with CIFCA advising of their new byelaw and SIFCA discussing their voluntary management measures. D&S IFCA manages the fishery via the Potting Permit Byelaw Permit Conditions and the use of voluntary measures

CEFAS presented on their research into the spawning season of Ballan in the South coast. Results so far indicate that the breeding cycle comes to an end in April/May and begins again in November. 

D&S IFCAs current closed season from 1 May to 15 July will protect some of these individuals but will be monitored during the 2019 season. The majority of fishers in the D&S IFCA District stop fishing for wrasse around November/December and few Ballan are caught within the D&S IFCAs District (as per the November 2018 report).

Loch Duart, who are one of the smaller salmon farms, producing just 3% of the national total, advised that it stopped requesting wrasse from CIFCA and SIFCA fishers during 2018 due to meeting the farm requirements early. The farm operates a zero lice per salmon policy and is aiming to fund further research into wrasse biology this year. They also advised they are looking to implement more management of the wrasse fishery in Scotland as this has previously been harder to regulate.

D&S IFCA will continue to collect data as part of the fully documented fishery during the 2019 season. 

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