The Sea Bass Fisheries Conservation UK Team have announced that an online survey has begun. The D&S IFCA website is being used to help inform all stakeholders but D&S IFCA is not managing this survey. The online survey will close on 31st December 2018.

All fishers, both recreational and commercial across the UK (excluding Scotland) are invited to take part in this online survey.

SBFC UK is a project tasked with describing sea bass fisheries on a regional level to help improve future sea bass conservation and management.

SBFC have stated: This survey allows us to complete that description by gathering information directly from you, we will collate this evidence to create an accurate picture of regional sea bass fisheries in the UK. We also want to underline where data gaps are to help prioritise our science to best suit the needs of fishers in each region. We hope to address these data gaps through fisher-led data collection and collaborations, please email us for more details.

If you have any issues of would like to give feedback please contact Only one entry can be submitted per person.

The flyers also have a QR code.