The Live Wrasse Pot Fishery Opens on 16th July 2019

The closed fishing period for potting for Live Wrasse species is between 1st May and 15th July inclusive. After this date there is the opportunity for commercial fishers with a D&S IFCA Potting Permit to fish for Live Wrasse but there are restrictions in place.


The Live Wrasse Pot Fishery is highly regulated via the Potting Permit Byelaw Permit Conditions and a Policy Statement.

Conditions include the following:

  • A maximum effort of 480 pots fitted with tags for the whole fishery
  • Each fisher can have a maximum of 120 tags to fit on their pots
  • Fishing gear must be marked correctly
  • Minimum and maximum sizes apply for five species of wrasse
  • A voluntary agreement to place pots only within specified areas near Plymouth
  • A requirement for the fisher to supply the name and contact details of the Salmon Farm company, agent or associated company that they supply to
  • A requirement for the fisher to supply the name and contact details of the transport company
  • A requirement for the fisher to supply a range of information to D&S IFCA including weekly landing forms
  • A requirement to allow D&S IFCA officers on board their vessels to collect catch data

There are currently four commercial fishers who are using 120 tags each. Commercial fishers with a D&S IFCA Potting Permit can apply to D&S IFCA for tags to be issued that must be used, however the maximum number of tags in circulation at any one time is limited to 480. If there is an increase in the number of vessels that wish to enter the fishery this will trigger a review that will be conducted by the D&S IFCA Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee prior to any additional vessels entering the fishery. Any such review may include a reduction in the number of pots (tags) that each vessel can use.

The fishery is closely monitored by D&S IFCA and for the last two years D&S IFCA’s Environment Officers have undertaken on-board observer surveys to capture relevant fisheries data. These data have been used to compare data from 2017 and 2018 to establish any trends in catch and landings per unit effort.

The Byelaw & Permitting Sub Committee (B&PSC) has discussed the most recent report and some additional information at a meeting on 26th February 2019. The fishery will be monitored for a third year, so a comprehensive review can be conducted. Analysis of results will commence in November 2019 and a report will be presented to the B&PSC in February 2020.

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