UK Scallop Management Conference 2019

A two-day conference on king scallop management at Fishmongers’ Hall was attended by a D&S IFCA Environment Officer.

The first UK Scallop Management Conference was held at Fishmongers’ Hall in London.

The event was hosted by Fishmongers’ Company and Macduff Shellfish, and supported by SeaFish Authority. The conference was held to bring together industry leaders, fishermen and fisheries managers to discuss what the future management of king scallop fisheries in the UK could look like. Case studies from around the world on sustainable models of fisheries management and best practices were presented to move forward the discussion of how to better manage UK scallop fisheries. There were speakers from the UK along with speakers from America, Canada, France, Patagonia and New Zealand.

Fishing for scallops is an important industry in the D&S IFCA’s district. Therefore, it is vital that the IFCA keeps up to date with all the latest work which is being carried out to manage this species. Much of the discussion involved stock assessments and industry working with scientists to carry out this work. It was encouraging to see many examples of industry working alongside scientists and regulators to create successful, sustainable scallop fisheries around the world. In 2014 D&S IFCA commissioned a Master’s Project to investigate different methodologies used for scallop stock assessments.

The outputs from the conference will be brought together by the organisers, shared with attendees and the next steps will then be discussed.

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