Notices to Mariners

The links to external websites or the pdf documents presented on this page are Notices to Mariners that D&S IFCA is aware of that relate to D&S IFCA’s District. Please be aware that this is not a complete list of all Notice to Mariners that may apply, and you are advised to contact your local Harbour Authority for more detail on issues that may be relevant in your area. By scrolling down this page you can view a selection of Notices to Mariners (or similar). Although a brief summary of each NTM is provided, you should read the notice in full by clicking on the links.

Recent Notices:
Torbay Harbour - Harbour Master Notice 33/20

This NTM advises that the eastern cardinal mark to the east of Paignton Harbour is currently not working. Read more here.

Fugro GB Marine Ltd

Weather dependent Fugro GB Marine Ltd will be undertaking scheduled services on behalf the National Network of Regional Coastal Monitoring Programmes from 28/11/2020 at the following sites within D&S IFCA’s District.

Work begins on or around 28th November 2020 and involves a service of the Start Bay, Torbay and Dawlish Wave Buoys. A 200-metre clearance from all the buoys is requested. Please refrain from deploying any fishing gear in the vicinity of these buoys to reduce danger of entanglement and equipment loss. Please do not moor to any part of the deployed moorings or buoys. These Notices to Mariners can be read in full by clicking on the links above. Each notice provides a chart of the site and contact details if you have any questions or comments.

Kingfisher Bulletin (16th Nov 2020) - 2Africa Subsea Cable System

This bulletin advises on the works of MV Fugro Meridian Call Sign: C6 QR4.

Marine operations will be carried out from approximately 5th December 2020 for eight weeks.

The survey vessel will be using different equipment and other vessels are requested to keep clear.

Further detail and the locations of the survey work are detailed in the bulletin.

National Oceanography Centre - (for October & November 2020)

This NTM advises on the deployment of an underwater Vehicle (AUV) in the South west Approaches in October & November 2020.

Older Notices:
Torbay Harbour - Harbour Master Notice 11/20 - May 2020 (on-going)

This NTM advises (until further notice) on concrete blocks that have been placed on the seabed in Torbay to facilitate scientific experimentation.

It lists the locations (Lat/Long) of the blocks.

Mariners are advised that these concrete blocks may post a snagging hazard to nets, lines, trawls or other underwater apparatus that is towed or placed near or on the seabed and should avoid underwater operations in the vicinity of the positions listed.

Page reviewed and updated: 27th November 2020