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D&S IFCA Notices for Permit Holders

D&S IFCA makes effective use of its data base of permit holders (fishers) to provide direct communications that are in the interests in all, or some, of those fishers. This includes consultation circulars and Notices to Permit Holders sent via email and sometimes in hard copy format. This website page also displays the most recent Notices to Permit Holders and provides links to past Notices to Permit Holders. 

Seagrass Restoration Project (Jennycliff Bay Plymouth) - Voluntary No Anchor Zone

The Queen’s Harbour Master Plymouth has issued a Notice to Mariners No.P034/21 Jennycliff Bay regarding a Voluntary No Anchor Zone (VNAZ).  This VNAZ has been put in place to protect newly planted seagrass as part of a seagrass restoration project being undertaken by Ocean conservation Trust within the Jennycliff area of Plymouth Sound. More information regarding this project can be found at:

(Above chart not to be used for navigation)

The Notice to Mariners requests that mariners do not anchor, lay marks or pots in the area marked green in the chart below and there are six buoys marking the VNAZ:

  • VNAZ Buoy 1: 50°20.8974'N 04°07.4266'W
  • VNAZ Buoy 2: 50°20.8802'N 04°07.5360'W
  • VNAZ Buoy 3: 50°20.8286'N 04°07.5677'W
  • VNAZ Buoy 4: 50°20.7697'N 04°07.6413'W
  • VNAZ Buoy 5: 50°20.7193'N 04°07.7290'W
  • VNAZ Buoy 6: 50°20.6330'N 04°07.7573'W

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Page updated: 12th August 2021.