The shop is currently offline

We are sorry but the shop is currently undergoing maintenance. If you conduct the following fishing activities (Mobile Fishing, Potting, Netting or Diving for crabs, lobsters or scallops) then you will need a Permit from us to fish.

Although the shop is not yet operational, Permits can still be obtained. There are different options to proceed with an application. 1) You can either visit the Brixham Office and collect an application form. 2) You can request an application form and we will email or post one to you. 3) You can download an application form from the enforcement page of the website or section E in the resource library. Once you have filled in your application form either send it to us or leave it with us so we can process your application. The enforcement page and section E of the resource library lets you explore what the Permit Conditions are for each method and what Annexes (if applicable) accompany each permit. Each Permit costs £20 and is valid for two years.