C) Audits and Accounts


For information regarding Audits and Accounts please contact D&S IFCA's Finance and Administration Manager - Olga Pepper:

Email: o.pepper@devonandsevernifca.gov.uk

Telephone: 07395 358172 

For information regarding budget setting and funding please contact D&S IFCA's Chief Officer - Mat Mander

Email: m.mander@devonandsevernifca.gov.uk

Telephone: 07515 050888

The Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee (F&GPSC)

The functions of the F&GPSC are related mainly to financial matters, although other functions such as examining Human Resource issues are included in their Terms of Reference.

The F&GPSC has no delegated powers and typically meets once per year in advance of budget setting by the Authority.

Under its Terms of Reference, the F&GPSC should have at least 16 Members with all eight funding Local Authorities invited to send at least one representative to F&GPSC meetings. Membership also includes a representative from Natural England and the Environment Agency. Six Members must attend a F&GPSC meeting (at a venue in person) for the meeting to be quorate.

The F&GPSC Terms of Reference can be viewed here.

The date of the next F&GPSC meeting will be posted on the Authority Meetings Page in due course.

Financial Probity and Financial and Administrative Regulations

In 2021, these regulations were separated from the Standing Orders.

The most recent version can be viewed here.

Please note that these regulations are being reviewed and may change soon.

Papers for Meetings and Minutes from Meetings

Papers for full Authority and Sub-Committee meetings (including the F&GPSC) are posted on the Authority Meetings Page.

A more comprehensive collection of papers and minutes from meetings can be viewed in Section B of this Resource Library.

Page Updated: 17th May 2022.