Devon and Severn seize pots

At 1700 hours, on the 8th September 2023, Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (D&S IFCA) Enforcement Officer Christopher Mills inspected static gear located at KINGS HOLE near BEER.

The inspected gear consisted of:

  • A string of two black plastic Poly-Pot prawn pots with attached line and marker buff.  

The pots were seized and are held in the D&S IFCA’s gear storage compound.

The pots, used for fishing for prawns were seized because:

  • The marker buff was marked with an expired Permit number.


Paragraph 2 of the D&S IFCA Potting Permit Byelaw states:

2. It is prohibited for a person to use pots for fishing within the District otherwise in accordance with a permit.


If you believe these pots are yours then please contact the D&S IFCA Office or Enforcement Officer Christopher Mills.

D&S IFCA Office:

Tel: 01803 854648

Enforcement Officer Christopher Mills:

Tel: 07850 096030

It is proposed that D&S IFCA will retain the pots and conduct an investigatio