Apply for a Permit

Do you need a Permit?

D&S IFCA issues permits to manage different fishing activities. These include:

  • Mobile Fishing (Trawling, Scallop Dredging & Ring Netting)
  • Potting
  • Netting
  • Diving for crab, lobster and scallops.

If you conduct these fishing methods either commercially or recreationally, you need to have a permit.

Our on-line facility allows you to apply for and pay for a permit that will then be processed by D&S IFCA, normally within seven working days.

Incorrect information can delay the permit application process.


Please be aware that due to COVID-19, and the temporary working arrangements for D&S IFCA staff, it may take longer than normal to process your permit application. D&S IFCA will continue to process permit applications but D&S IFCA is not able to advise fishers regarding their use.

You can contact the office on 01803 854648 or click here to view the different contact details for D&S IFCA officers. Although staff are not working as normal in the office, attempts will be made to send hard copy application forms if required. 

Commercial permits

Recreational permits