Reporting Illegal Fishing

Page review/updated 25/06/2024

D&S IFCA has a risk based and intelligence led approach to its enforcement work. We actively encourage the reporting of suspected illegal fishing. This page provides you with options how you can report to us. You can either contact one of our Enforcement Officers using the details provided below, or you may prefer to use the intelligence gathering form set out at the bottom of this page – please scroll down to the bottom of this page to use the intelligence gathering form.

For general enquiries please visit our Contact Us page, and to find out more about the work of the Enforcement Team please visit the Enforcement & Legislation pages.

How to Report

However you choose to report an incident to us, it helps if you give us detail. If possible please include the location, date & time and a description of what you saw, such as vessels, vehicles, fishing gear and people.

Incident Line: 07740 175479

Enforcement Office: 01803 854648 – Option 4.

Enforcement Officer’s Direct Contact Details:

Gavin Mayhew (Senior Enforcement Officer)

Telephone: 07590 224010. Email:

Jon Norman (Intelligence Lead Enforcement Officer)

Telephone: 07860 270879. Email:

Callum Bedford (Enforcement Officer)

Telephone: 07355 031606. Email:

Chris Mills (Enforcement Officer)

Telephone: 07850 096030. Email:

Ben Mitson (Enforcement Officer)

Telephone: 07596 894023. Email:

Intelligence Gathering Form

The form below allows you to report incidents anonymously as you don’t have to provide your name or contact details. You can provide these details if you wish, as Officers may then contact you to ask further questions about the incident.