Apply for a Permit

Apply for a Permit

Do you need a permit?

D&S IFCA issues permits to manage different fishing activities. These include:

  • Mobile Fishing (Trawling, Scallop Dredging & Ring Netting)
  • Potting
  • Netting
  • Diving for crab, lobster and scallops

If you conduct these fishing methods either commercially or recreationally, you need to have a permit. 

Our on-line facility allows you to apply for and pay for a permit that will then be processed by D&S IFCA, normally within seven working days.

Please use this email for any permit queries:

You can also contact the Office (01803 854648) and application forms can be provided for you to complete. Please be aware that incorrect information can delay the permit application process.


COMMERCIAL APPLICANTS: Please have your valid fishing licence on hand as you may be required to provide a copy. 


Please note that from 1st July 2022, commercial diving for scallop (with a Category 1 Diving Permit) is authorised in specified areas within the District (in July, August and September), subject to the conditions in the Permit. 

If you wish to remove scallop from defined areas within the District during July, August and September, a Remotely Accessed Electronic Reporting Device(Inshore Vessel Monitoring System) must be fitted to your vessel. The device must transmit the required information that must be received by the UK Vessel Monitoring System hub. Once you have a device fitted, please notify D&S IFCA as it will require a copy of the engineer’s installation report that will have been sent to the MMO. 

More information on the national rollout (of devices) can be found at the following website address: