South Devon IPA – Trawling & Crabbing Chart

Page review/updated 18/12/2023


The Inshore Potting Agreement (IPA) Trawling and Crabbing Chart is reviewed on an annual basis by members of the IPA Committee who represent the different fishing sectors that may be affected by any changes in management of the areas within the IPA off the South Devon coast.

The IPA Committee has agreed the 2024 Chart, which can be downloaded (in full) here .

Changes for 2024

There has been a change to the IPA Chart for 2024. The IPA Committee made the decision to close the Corridor to demersal mobile gear vessels in 2024. This was due to an infringement by a demersal mobile gear vessel in this area.

Members of the IPA Committee will review the decision to close the Corridor to demersal mobile gear at its meeting in the Autumn of 2024. If there are no infringements in this area in 2024, then re-opening of the Corridor in 2025, to demersal mobile fishing gear vessels, will be considered with the potential use of Remote Electronic Monitoring technology on mobile gear vessels wishing to fish in the IPA.

If you have any questions regarding the IPA chart, please contact Sarah Clark, Deputy Chief Officer.

01803 854648

07515 050887