Engagement & Have Your Say

Page review/updated 24/09/2023

Effective communication is essential to further the objectives of the Authority. Communications spans every aspect of work that the IFCA performs, and we require it to be reactive and adaptable to achieve our objectives.  The D&S IFCA engages with a wide range of stakeholders with differing interests, needs and desired outcomes. We also use our website to inform you of events or engagement opportunities, that although may not be conducted by D&S IFCA, are in the interests of visitors to our website.


D&S IFCA has a Communications Strategy and Delivery Plan that was introduced in 2018 and is still relevant today. D&S IFCA works with partner organisations and the wider community, which helps to inform our work and reach informed decisions. D&S IFCA has limited resources for communication; however, this website, coupled with D&S IFCA’s Facebook, helps us to communicate with you via news and information items related to our work.

Providing us with an email address helps us keep you informed as we can then directly notify our contacts via email (Mailchimp) regarding different aspects of our work. From time to time we also circulate a free E- newsletter to everyone on our mailing list. 

Although our communication goes beyond byelaw development, Devon and Severn IFCA undertakes regular consultations relating to different fishing activities. These are often referred to “Have Your Say” or “A Call for Evidence”. These provide you with an opportunity to have your say which can assist in decision making. When a consultation is about to begin, we directly notify all our permit holders (Fishers) and all of our contacts on our consultation mailing list. 


  • If you want to be directly notified of the consultations then please contact us and tell us or use this link to subscribe to our mailing list.
  • All permit holders that have supplied an email address will always be notified by email.

As part of our engagement, when possible, we try to offer alternatives to email or written communication.

  • Look out for the advertised alternatives which can include one to one appointments to speak to an officer.
  • Video (Zoom/MS Teams) calling and meetings with fishers, as a group, is also a possibility.
  • Where resources have allowed, D&S IFCA has conducted roadshow events to highlight the creation of new byelaws and to gain feedback.

If you have other suggestions to help us keep you informed and how to receive your feedback then please let us know.