There are several active consultations at this time which are set out below:

Permit Conditions

Scallop Closed Season - Have Your Say - A Review of the Diving Permit Conditions (Nov 2021)

D&S IFCA is directly contacting all Category One (commercial) Diving Permit Holders to seek views and suggestions on potential changes to the existing scallop closed season. The pdf version of the Mail Chimp circular that contains background information, topics and questions can be viewed here. The circular explains how to respond and explains what we will do with the information provided.

The consultation relating to the scallop closed season ends on 17th December 2021.

Fishing Activity Survey

Have Your Say - Call for Information for Fishing Activity within Five Estuary Marine Conservation Zones

D&S IFCA is undertaking an assessment of fishing activity in the following estuaries that are designated Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs); Otter, Axe (Lyme Bay), Erme, Devon Avon and the Dart. This information will allow D&S IFCA to estimate how much activity is currently taking place within the sites and over the different features of the MCZs.

Links to the circulars for each estuary, which contain background information, topics, and questions, can be found below;

The consultations for the estuary MCZs end on 17 December 2021.

Completed Consultations

More information regarding a range of completed consultations can be viewed here.

Page updated: 26th November 2021.