Changes to D&S IFCA’s Netting Permit Conditions

Amended Netting Permit Conditions are being issued that apply from 1st July 2024.

Following a review of the Netting Permit Conditions, changes have been made to some of the management measures. The amended permit conditions are being circulated and will come into force on 1st July 2024. If you are a current permit holder you will receive your amended Netting Permit Conditions shortly.

What has Changed?

Some of the changes relate to both Category One (commercial) and Category Two (recreational) Permits, and some only apply to Category Two Permits.

The Emsstrom Angling Zone

    The Netting Permit Conditions now include a new Annex (6) that sets out the co-ordinates for the Emsstrom Angling Zone. It is now prohibited for commercial of recreational fishermen to use nets in this area. This new restriction replaces a voluntary agreement.

    New Catch Restrictions for Category Two (recreational) Netting Permits

    There are new daily bag limits for a selection of finfish species and sand eel. In any calendar day it is prohibited to remove any bass and no more than:

    • a total of two lobsters (from the species of lobster or spiny lobster)
    • a total of three crabs (from the species of edible crab and spider crab)
    • a total of ten plaice
    • a total of three rays
    • a total of five sole
    • a total of 15 kilogrammes of sand eel.

    New Gear Restrictions for Category Two (recreational) Netting Permits

    There is a new restriction prohibiting Category Two permit holders from joining their nets to those operated by other permit holders.

    The Netting Permit Conditions in Detail

    The Netting Permit Conditions (1st July 2024) and the Annexes 1-6 (1st July 2024) can be viewed using the links below. Presentational improvements have been made to all the Annexes.

    Netting Permit Conditions (1st July 2024)

    Annexes 1 to 6 (1st July 2024)


    If you wish to discuss the changes to the Netting Permit Conditions or have other permit related questions that you would wish to raise with D&S IFCA, please contact us, by email, or by phone 01803 854648. 

    More Information

    The review of the Netting Permit Conditions was conducted by D&S IFCA’s Byelaw and Permitting Sub-Committee (B&PSC). The officers’ papers and other information presented to the B&PSC are all available on D&S IFCA’s website, along with minutes from the B&PSC meetings. If you wish to view the information, please visit:

    Authority & B&PSC Meetings page

    Section B of D&S IFCA’s Resource Library