Resource library

Welcome to the resource library

This resource library is divided into 8 sections (A - H) and gives you access to a lot of information (current and historical work) completely free of charge. It is an interactive Publication Scheme.

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Purpose of the Publication Scheme

•    To comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000
•    To help you understand what work we do and what we have available for you to read
•    To inform you on how to view the information and if charges apply for hard copies of information
•    To make you aware that personal data is excluded from the scheme

A) Role, function and management of the Authority

Description of information:

Duties, functions, vision, success criteria, planning, high level objectives.

Annual Plans for the organisation as well as the Annual Enforcement & Compliance Strategy and the Annual Research Plans.

B) Internal practice and procedure

Procedures, organisational developments, standing orders, codes of conduct for members, complaints procedure.

Minutes and papers for Full Authority Meetings & Byelaw & Permitting Sub-Committee Meetings.

C) Audits and accounts

Planned expenditure, statements of accounts and financial statements. A financial overview is set out in the Devon and Severn IFCA Annual Plan which can be viewed in file A of this resource library.

D) Human resource, working practice and procedure

List of staff, roles undertaken, standard operating procedures, data protection policy.

E) Legislation and management relevant to functions

Byelaws, EU and domestic legislation.

Current Byelaws and Permit Conditions (including Annexes) for different fishing activities.

Voluntary Codes of Conduct, other (non - Byelaw) spatial management and a range of Policy & Guidance documents to support the management of fishing activities.

F) Byelaw review work and Impact Assessments

Impact Assessments (to accompany the creation of new byelaws), Byelaw Development Reports documenting consultations and responses (anonymised/summary), evidence bases and the decision making processes that can lead to changes in the Permit Conditions.

Information circulated for Consultation and Archived Byelaws and Permit Conditions for reference purposes. 

G) Authority Communications & Publications

Communications -  Latest and archived news items & official press release.

Guides for fishers, including text guides and also posters and flyers.


H) Environment and Research

A large collection of environmental and research information divided by activities and different species. It contains both current work and reports that may have been superseded by updated reports.