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An opportunity to help research on rays in the Bristol Channel

Posted By: Olga Pepper on December 1, 2023

Scientists are working to understand ray populations in and around the Bristol Channel and are offering a reward for information on captures of electronically tagged rays.

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Formal Public Consultation – Changes to the Netting Permit Conditions

Posted By: Olga Pepper on

D&S IFCA is inviting you to respond to the formal public consultation on proposed amendments to existing Commercial and Recreational Netting Permit Conditions.

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Bangor University together with D&S IFCA are recruiting!

Posted By: Olga Pepper on November 29, 2023

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the team at Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority as a Research Assistant in Marine and Fisheries Science employed by Bangor University

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Engagement Sessions – Fisheries Management Plans

Posted By: Olga Pepper on October 31, 2023

The Marine Management Organisation sets out dates for engagement events focussed on English Channel Skates and Rays

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Illegal Gill Net Recovered From Salcombe – Kingsbridge Estuary

Posted By: Olga Pepper on October 17, 2023

D&S IFCA’s Enforcement Officers recover illegal net from Bowcombe Creek.

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Devon and Severn seize pots

Posted By: dsifcaadmin on September 14, 2023

Do these pots belong to you?

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Consultation on Fisheries Management Plans

Posted By: dsifcaadmin on August 21, 2023

Defra has launched a consultation on six front runner Fisheries Management Plans (FMPs).

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Guidance for Fishers: Lobster and Spiny Lobster

Posted By: dsifcaadmin on July 7, 2023

D&S IFCA has produced guidance for fishers to help them remain compliant with the Permit Conditions.

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Company Director and Master fined for fishing in scallop closed season

Posted By: dsifcaadmin on June 29, 2023

An investigation by D&S IFCA into the removal of scallops in the closed season has resulted in fines totalling £5,887 and a £6,000 contribution to legal costs.

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Berried Lobster Seasonality Surveys

Posted By: dsifcaadmin on May 15, 2023

A project investigating the seasonality of berried lobsters in D&S IFCA’s District is underway.

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